Who we are

In 9 years, Altim became the Consulting firm recognized in the world of development, architecture, integration and validation of Embedded Softwares.

Created in 2008 by Franck Dupré, Altim group started in the UK and then moved to France. We now have a team of more than 80 specialists in Development, Integration and Architecture, and our reputation has been established with numerous renowned customers. 80% of our specialists have more than 5 years experience.

Our Goal is to advise and provide our customers with our experience, capitalizing on our expert skills, from Professional Services to R&D through our Altim Labs.


In 2018 the experts of Altim France got the chance to evaluate their experience inside the company through 6 criteria : career development, stimulating environment, management and motivation, salary and professionnal recognition, pride, fun / pleasure of working. With an overall rating of 4.21/5 and a recommendation rate of 83.7%, Altim France is proud to have received the HAPPY AT WORK​ Label.​

A few good reasons to join us :
– You will develop cutting-edge expertise on projects with state-of-the-art technologies .
– We offer some interesting challenges and the sense of community of a human-size company.
– Altim is involved in improving working conditions and has signed a charter on psychosocial risks and harassment.​
– Altim has put in place numerous benefits (​such as employee savings plan, employee representative committee, social benefits,…)
– Altim is also supporting diversity in particular with its gender equity agreement and its actions in favor of employees with disabilities because diversity is an asset !

Corporate Values
  • Passionate, we are committed to customer relationship.
  • We are active, responsive and quick and our excellence is recognised.
  • Human values are key to Altim.
Specialist in Embedded Software
  • Focus on Digital TV and Embedded Multimedia softwares
  • Qualitative approach / Sectorial expertise
  • Innovation / R&D (agreement from CIR)
  • Technological awareness
Human resources adjusted to your needs
  • Our expertise in embedded system allows us to answer to very specific requirements.
  • Most of our business engineers have worked on embedded systems. This way they understand better the specific issues of our customers and are able to address some technical issues.
  • 2009

    Creation of Altim France

    • Altim Ltd (UK) created in London end of 2008
    • Creation of Altim France – activity starts
    • 1st customer: France Telecom
  • 2010

    First customer in Digital TV

    • Technical project management on Set-Top-Box for Telecoms Operators
    • Development and integration of Digital TV Middleware
  • 2011

    Specialist in Digital TV

    • Positioning as specialist in a very competitive market
    • ALTIM develops its expertise in Digital TV
    • Development, integration, test and validation on STB
  • 2012

    Embedded Multimedia

    • Expertise developped in embedded multimedia
    • Skills in Digital TV applications and End-user interface
    • Turnover: 1.6M€
    • Digital TV in Automotive dashboards
  • 2013

    Growth and development of new business Sector

    • Evolution from Telecom and Media market to new sectors
    • ALTIM wins a label as young innovating company
    • Growth of +50% of turnover 2.5M€ end 2013
    • Term grows to more than 30 consultants
  • 2014

    A new development

    • Creation of ALTIM LABS
    • Diversification in our technical offerings
    • Sectorial development
    • Business development: +50%
    • Specific expertise on embedded systems
  • 2015

    Strengthening our position

    • Prototype development of Set-top-box on a HDMI stick in the Altim LABS
    • New reference listings with major accounts
    • Sectorial diversificaion on software layers, from the low-level to the HMI of  the automobile dashboards (and the tools for their development)
    • Corporate communication campaign and publishing of a video on our expertise
    • Turnover : 4,1M€
  • 2016

    A recognized expertise

    • Openning of 8 new accounts including Valeo, SFR, JCDecaux
    • A team of more than 70 experts
    • New offers developped in Altim Labs:
      • « Optimization of lag time »
      • « 3D Augmented Reality »
      • « Screen Mirroring »
    • Turnover : 5,7M€ (40% growth)
  • 2017

    The year of restructuring

    • Altim completes its offer : “The embedded solution from front to back and going through the network”
    • Establishment of an Employee Representative Committee
    • New accounts : Itron, Airbus, Sigfox, DXO, C&S
    • An Augmented Reality Project made by Altim Lab and presented by one of our customer at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas
    • Turnover : 6,1M€

Our Team

  • Franck Dupre - Director

    Franck graduates with a master of telecommunications in 1996. Franck starts up his career as a telecom consultant specialized in the GSM arena. He gains his technical expertise through experiences at SFR, Nortel, France Telecom, Philips…

    Franck then joins ALTRAN, benefits from a cutting-edge business training and becomes a business manager. In his role, Franck develops niche offerings in Telecom, Aeronautics, Space and Defence industries.

    He is attracted by ALTEN where he works in the Paris organisation for a year and finally moves to London with a view to managing their SD Partners business in 2006-2007.

    Franck develops his expertise of the English market and decides to join SOPRA in the UK where he is in charge of the localisation of some of the French offers. He participates in the Telecom Teams group coordination.

    Franck is passionate and ambitious and he made his mind up in 2008 to start up ALTIM Ltd focusing on Telecom and Network consulting services. He founds ALTIM France in 2009 to seed the development of the Telecom and Digital TV businesses in France.
    He founds Altim France in 2009, strenghtens Telecom networks and develops the Embedded Multimedia offer.

  • Business Team

    One of the factors that differentiate Altim is that the whole Business team is composed of technical engineers coming from Embedded Development landscape.

    This asset allows us to offer our customers a high-quality technical monitoring as well as a better understanding of their issues.

    This also enables us to provide our employees with a career management as accurate as possible to match their expertise and their wishes.

    Our dynamic team scours the market every day to generate new possibilities for the experts in the innovative work environment of new technologies.

    We are also keeping our “niche” and “expertise” position in embedded multimedia because it made Altim successful.

  • Human Resources and Administrative Department

    Joining Altim is embarking in a beautiful adventure full of challenges and pleasure to work together!
    Our collaborators are at the heart of our daily concerns because they are the biggest asset of our company.

    Our team has the ambition of becoming a real partner and of offering quality services to all employees. The personal well-being and development of each individual is key to the company’s performance. We cultivate availability and flexibility to adapt to the true needs of the employees while respecting their singularities. Being openminded and creative, it helps us provide innovating solutions to Human Resources and daily management as well as long-term projects.

    Other values are leading us like honesty, pragmatism, team spirit and… enthusiasm. As Jacques Séguéla righlty said: “Life is too short to work sadly”!

  • A team of experts

    Within the context of its continuing strong growth, Altim France is recruiting consultants in its specialty.

    As soon as the candidacy has been approved we listen to the wishes of the experts. This allows us to identify the project that suits them best and that will enable the experts to build technical capacity.

    A regular monitoring is done by our managers on the ongoing mission as well as on the career development and the continuous training. This way we help the experts to better handle their career path.